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Lash Divaz Studio provides a wide range of cosmetics services. Whether you are looking for a pampering spa treatments, eye lashes, or even make up application. Lash Divaz provides a luxurious atmosphere, licensed professionals, and lasting results for all. With Lash Divaz Eyelash Studio, every individual can achieve a “Diva look, at heavenly prices one lash at a time." We feature skin care treatments that are highly effective while allowing our clients to maintain their active lifestyles.

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We offer quality service at a affordable price, and we do all with love. But, don’t just take our word for it--our customers give us rave reviews





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Perfect for the working diva who enjoys the appearance of make up without all the hard work.​



Lash DivazStudio 

From concept to completion, every eyelash extension is carefully applied to ensure each client receives quality service.

Perfect for the diva who knows her way around a cosmetic counter without pause.

This diva knows who she is and where she is going in life. There is no stopping her as she rises to the top.

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