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Here at Lash Divaz we apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions that gives you an enhanced lash line that is naturally darker, fuller and longer. Receive complementary lengths and colors to brighten and lift your eyes. Each eyelash extension is applied one by one to your natural lash meticulously by our highly certified Lash Artists. This added lash volume is perfect for special occasions or for every day. Here at Lash Divaz Eyelash Studio we use only medical grade adhesives and top-notch lash products in the market guaranteeing you a flawless lash look.



Our Mission at Lash Divaz Studio is to create a peaceful and beautiful environment for our guests. Through our knowledge we are able to exceed any individual's expectations and through our professionalism we are able to provide outstanding service at outstanding prices.

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Why Choose Us

Amity was introduced to the field of Beauty in 1996 at Worthing High School where she entered the Cosmetology program. Having only cthe basic knowledge of cosmetics she decided to travel across the country to Burbank, CA to attend the fabulous Make-up Designory of Los Angeles in the Summer of 1999. M.U.D. has not only helped Amity discover her new love for beauty, there she learned how to properly create character, stage, and wedding Make-up. Never giving up on her passion, she was eager to learn more about the skin industry which lead her to later enroll into the Esthetics program at Royal Beauty Career in 2011. As her experience grew so has her desire. In early 2013, Amity trained with the global leading eyelash company, Xtreme Lash. She is currently recognized as an advanced lash stylist. 

Whether you're looking for pampering spa treatments, angelic lashes, or even Make-up application, Amity's goal is to provide every client with a luxurious atmosphere and lasting results.

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