​​L A S H  D I V A Z  S T U D I O 

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COVID 19 Form and Deposit Request

All Non Groupon related appointments are required to pay $15! All Groupon deposits will go towards your stylist tip and/or upgrades!

Groupon Appointment Deposit


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​​​​Featuring Amone Nail Bar 

Great you've booked with Lash Divaz Studio now that you've booked your appointment before anything can be approved please finish these 2 important steps:

  1.  Pay your deposit by clicking the link below
  2. Sign your COVID-19 letter (via Lash Divaz Studio and/or Amone Nail Bar) This letter must be signed and returned to confirm your appointment

Please note even If you are vaccinated we still require a mask  😷  A COVID -19 form  is required to be filled out each time  along with a deposit  within 2hrs from request.