Eyebrow and lash tint: 
Eyelash tint: $25 without FS 

Eyebrow tint: $25 without FS 

Combo: $40 without FS 

Eyelash tint: $10 with  FS

Wax and Threading:
$20 for eyebrows

$45 full face

Eyebrow treatment : $15 with FS 

Treatments & Prices

Ultimate Runway Divaz Full Lash Set (U.R.D.)​​

This diva knows who she is and where she is going in life. There is no stopping her as she rises to the top.

100 - 200  lashes applied

Application time: 2 hours 30mins

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Tell your friends how beautiful your lashes and get $10 OFF your next refill!  Referrals must mention your name when setting an appointment.

Working Divaz Full Set

Perfect for the working diva who enjoys the appearance of make up without all the hard work.

40 - 60 lashes applied 

Application time: 1 hour 15mins

Glam Divaz Full Set

Perfect for the diva who isn't afraid to jazz it up a little bit

60 - 80 lashes applied

Application time: 1 hour 30min

$40.00  (7 day refill) $45 Volume

Must have: 75 - 80% lashes remaining
$50.00   (7 - 14  day refill) $55 Volume

Must have:  50 - 60% lashes remaining
$60.00   (14 - 21 days refill) $65 Volume

Must have:  40% lashes remaining

​Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up will be recommend every 2~3 weeks.  Over 4 weeks, it is most likely time for another fresh new full set.

​Highlights – Colored Lashes:
2 Lash Colors: Add $30
3 Lash Colors: Add $45

Eyelash Extensions Removal:
$25 for clients​

$35 for non clients

Free for clients booked for a full set. 

Fashion Divaz Full Lash Set

Perfect for the diva who knows her way around a cosmetic counter without pause.

80 - 100 lashes applied

Application time: 2 hours

Bringing out the diva in you one lash at a time