Perfect for the diva who knows her way around a cosmetic counter without pause.
80 - 100 lashes applied

Application time: 2 hours

Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up will be recommend every 2~3 weeks.  Over 4 weeks, it is most likely time for another fresh new full set.

Perfect for the working diva who enjoys the appearance of make up without all the hard work.​
40 - 60 lashes applied 

Application time: 1 hour 15mins

$75 Classic /$85 Volume

All outgrown extensions are removed and we add new ones to all of your lashes including your regrowth. You'll wake up from the session with a brand new set every time.

We remove all outgrown Volume extensions, add new ones to your regrowth and create your fresh and new full-set look. You'll wake up to full and fluffy lashes!

2 week (7 - 14  day refill) Must have:  50 - 60% lashes remaining

3 week (14 - 21 days refill) Must have:  40% lashes remaining

2 week refill - $55      3 week refill - $65

Working Diva Full Set

Classic Relash

Lash DivazStudio 

$125 Classic / $155 Volume

Eyebrow and lash tint: 
Eyelash tint: $25 without FS 
Eyebrow tint: $25 without FS 
Combo: $40 without FS 
Eyelash tint: $10 with  FS

Lash lift with keratin $45 

Lash lift with keratin and tint $55

Wax Treatment:

$20 for eyebrows
$45 full face
Eyebrow treatment : $15 with FS 

Ultimate Runway Diva Full Set

Fashion Diva Full Set

$100 Classic / $125 Volume

Refer your friends and get a discount!

Tell your friends how beautiful your lashes and get $10 OFF your next refill!  Referrals must mention your name when setting an appointment.

Volume Relash

Highlights – Colored Lashes:
2 Lash Colors: Add $30
3 Lash Colors: Add $45

Eyelash Extensions Removal:
$25 for clients​
$35 for non clients
Free for clients booked for a full set. 

This diva knows who she is and where she is going in life. There is no stopping her as she rises to the top.
100 - 200  lashes applied

Application time: 2 hours 30mins